Come Follow Me

Come Follow Me
"And he saith unto them, "Come and follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." (Matt. 4:19) As the New Year begins, we, the members of the Willow Wood Ward, invite you to Come and Follow Him!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Elder Dallin Tracy

January 19, 2015 at 1:18:50 AM

 hahaha sorry about the story we were short on time and you know that my English is just getting worse and worse everyday so if I'm rushed its like a 6 yr old haha but Wow This week has been so amazing! to start the pope is here in the Philippines so everyone is going crazy! and another typhoon came through it turn up to Manila though so no problems here.
Did you get any of the packages yet- I think one might have came but I'm not sure, the zone leader just said they have something for me. 
Gabriel- doing great, hes still growing after his baptism which is really good. we are gonna try and work it out so he can work with us sometimes 
James- he is still set for the 24th but the thing is last couple time we visited he has said his concern is that he is afraid of a falling away after awhile and he doesn't like how much Satan is working on him right now! but we had some amazing lessons and on Saturday me and E. Tolentino split with people in the branch and i went with pres. egoino and he shared his conversion story and it was a lot like his so it was super powerful and i think it really helped him but of course we said again we cant help you with that but god can and you can ask for help through prayer so hopefully next time he gives us the green light! he is so ready though he understands everything and is reading in 2 nephi and understanding a lot. its crazy how much hes changed and grown, but if he doesn't get baptized on the 24th he will within the next couple weeks 
Rodrick- so after a week of like avoiding us we ran into him at the Hamitic festival ( its a big party every like city throws for a pageant and performances. they blast music till like 3am haha) turns out he was just super busy and his phone broke so he couldn't get a hold of us. but he canceled his trip to go to church but unfortunately  since we didnt visit him for a week we are super behind for the lessons so he wont be ready for the 24th but he is re-set for the 14th of Feb. he really is like a golden invest. he just stopped all the bad things cold turkey and hasn't had a problem. its crazy!
Mary Ann- Are you still meeting with her or waiting till she is 18? yea we just have to wait.... it sucks but ok 
Abong Family- doing great as normal and we had them work with us this Sunday and they really enjoyed it! its cool to see how much they have grown in the 3 months Ive been with them! they are one of the strongest family's in the branch now..
Aban Family- we didn't get to visit them this week and they were out of town for church so idk.. 
Did you get them to church? James and Rodrick went to church! even though we had a really small number there it was good! (it was small cuz the Hamitic party..) 
Any new investigators progressing- not really progressing but new so this week was super cool. this week has been the best week we have and it was amazing everything seemed to work out  we found 21 new invest. and we still have about 20 more to contact i really don't know what we did different but i think its just cuz of our effort and prayer and obedience because it was a miracle! i love this work there is  some hard times but its nothing compared to all the good times. it was crazy so we went from 3 to now 24 with a lot more to talk to, now of course they all wont progress but its alot nicer to have people to visit then no one! 
How is the construction coming on your house- They finished it kinda sucked cuz on Tuesday morning we have district meeting in San Jose at 8am so we have to be really fast in the morning but we had to move all or furniture to the other room so we were like 45 min late hahah....:/ and the sessions (couple missionary's) got mad at us. 
That is super crazy that cade is only got 6 more weeks, i bet your happy about that! 
HIGH- there was a couple highs this week! the great work and amazing success we had this week for our area and that we had our zone activity we hiked to a waterfall i hope the pics upload!
LOW-there really wasn't anything bad but i ripped my pants...bad haha but im getting them fixed 
my comp was texting a girl in the other area behind my back... but it turn out to be no problem but still really against the rules...
- my back started hurting again, like it did in football so idk what i did but its been bugging me i hope it starts feeling better 
- we went on splits with the zone leaders and i went with E. panganiban (he goes home next Monday) so hes a really good missionary he taught me so much about teaching and missionary work. its nice to work with someone that's been out awhile and knows a lot! I ripped my pants when i was with him haha. he said though that Ive got great potential and he said he could see me doing some great things here! and he had no complaints of really improvement for me just to keep working on the language and keep striving to grow. so that was super cool and made me feel good! 
- our zone activity like i said we went on a hike to a waterfall it was super crazy to get there and it was amazing! then we ate fresh coconut up there it was super fun 
- our FHE was so funny this week its hard to explain over email but I love this branch there so fun and awesome i wouldn't mind well i kinda hope i could stay here for 6 months..
- The kids here are crazy and they go even crazier cuz im white they just run and jump on you if there nice and cute its super fun but when they start punching you and hitting you is sucks cuz there can be like 20 of them 
- we started running every morning which kinda sucks but is nice and the runs are super cool cuz its right at the sun rise
- E. Tolentino made bical? (i think that's how you spell it) bical express its super hot and that's rare here cuz people don't really like spicy but i loved it I'm gonna learn to make it!
-you'd be so proud of me, because literally i do every dish! for every meal haha i really don't even mind dishes anymore!!
 - we go down to iloilo for zone training tomorrow so that will be fun 

so if you send another packages nesquick would be super good just btw... and I'm withdrawing 100$ today cuz I'm buying that terabyte and I'm buying some stuff for the house but i get reimbursed tomorrow so if you don't wanna replenish this one you dint have to! I'll keep looking for the packages! I think that's it, it was a great week and it flew by 

until next week, 
Elder Tracy