Come Follow Me

Come Follow Me
"And he saith unto them, "Come and follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." (Matt. 4:19) As the New Year begins, we, the members of the Willow Wood Ward, invite you to Come and Follow Him!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Elder Colton Richins

Well this week was full of miracles! So 1 of the 2 baptisms we were planning fell through. Bruno's family gave him a lot of crap and he decided to wait a little longer until he should be baptized. Poor guy. I agree with you though. It is absolutely ridiculous that one's family would be so cruel against someone's decision. It's not like him being baptized would affect them. They aren't even practicing Catholics! But Domingos was baptized! It was absolutely crazy! Me and Elder Dunford sang "Abide with me" at the baptism and it was super awesome. We got asked to sing in church here in a couple of weeks after that musical number. haha. So Domingo's was baptized with his sister, Neusa (who the sisters were teaching) and I don't know if I have already told you but they are the children of a Branch President in a branch more south from here. And he came up to baptize them. It was such a special family moment! Oh man...I'm gonna die it was so great! But when we actually went to do the baptisms for some reason the water had drained a ton and so it wouldn't work to baptize them. So me, Elder Dunford, the branch president, and our bishop started filling up buckets of water and throwing it in the font! The baptism was delayed about 30 minutes while we frantically went back and forth with buckets of water! And it was cold water too...I don't think they will ever forget their baptism! But it was so awesome! Neusa got baptized with her 8 year old daughter. And Domingos has a 10 year old son (he wasn't baptized because he is only with his dad every other weekend because of the we never had the chance to teach him.) But after the baptism we asked Domingos if we could teach his son (because his son had already gone to church a few times and really liked primary and the things they learned) And Domingos said that he would love for us to teach his son. So on Sunday we went over there to teach his son, Ruben. We watched the video of the Restoration...and after we asked Domingos to bear his testimony to his son. It was such a powerful experience. Watching the father bear testimony to his son of the change the gospel had on his life was absolutely incredible. Domingos had tears streaming down his cheek and was telling his son things like: "You remember how depressed your father was a month ago? Do you remember how bad it was? Well ever since I started reading this book and was taught by the elders my life has changed. I used to cry because of the depression...these tears that are coming our right now are tears of joy." It was such a powerful moment. We are planning on baptizing Ruben within the next few weeks...and when Domingos receives the Priesthood here in a bit he will be able to baptize him! 

As far as Bruno is concerned....we are hoping to baptize him towards the end of the transfer. But I'll let you know how that goes. This last week was a really good week for our zone! We hit the mission standard of excellence as a zone! Yesterday we called everyone up and told them that we were pretty close to destroying our zone goals and reaching the mission standard of excellence so we told everyone to work really hard. And we did it! It was great. Other than that Domingos is baptized and we are still working on Bruno and Ruben...we've got to find more people to teach and baptize. We are still working with that professional soccer player...but he just as so many doubts that are irrelevant it is hard to work with him. But we are just going to plan on focusing completely on the Book of Mormon. If he gets an answer that the Book of Mormon is true...the rest of his little doubts won't matter because he will have had to gain a testimony of modern revelation. So we will see how that goes. He is a very chill guy.
Other than that...things are still going along! Very busy but it is all very good. 
That really stinks that you have to work the all night party AND go to work the next morning...take some 5 hour energy with you. :) It helps. Hearing about the life that Kyle has right now with work and school...makes me very unexcited to come home! haha. I think I'll just stay out here. :) Well. I hope all is well with you! Good luck with graduation this week! I hope McKay, Staci, Katie, and Kaylie have a great graduation. Should be fantastic! Thanks for all of your love and support! Until next week then!
Elder Colton Wayne Richins

p.s. I have good quality computers now.. :) good for sending pictures. YOUR WELCOME

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