Come Follow Me

Come Follow Me
"And he saith unto them, "Come and follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." (Matt. 4:19) As the New Year begins, we, the members of the Willow Wood Ward, invite you to Come and Follow Him!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Elder Brayden Evans

¿Como etan la familia Evans?

Well this week was a really good week. I have had a lot of reflection time this week on my life and a lot of time to focus on my studies of the Savior. There really is not another phrase more important in the existence of time than ¨He is Risen¨ (Mat. 28:6) When this was said, it was complete. We had the chance to return to our Father in Heaven. Because of this we can progress and have eternal happiness. I had some very intense feelings in my studies this week as I followed Marry and Joseph to Bethlehem, Jesus through is ministry and miracles, to his triumphal entry into Jerusalem where we would be Spit on, beaten, and Crucified... After he suffered the pains and tortures of the whole entire existence of humanity, until the day of His Resurrection. I can't really put my Testimony into words other than to say I know that Jesus Christ died for us, and ¨He is Risen¨ We really need to take a minute out of our day and think about that. The other things really don't matter. Repentance is possible. The Healing power of the Atonement is real. Repentance needs to come first, and after the healing process will proceed if we allow the Lord to mend our heart. Sometimes Healing takes a while but what is really important is not how we feel here... Its about what is waiting for us in eternity.
So everyone down here is obsessed with a band called One Direction. Its kind of annoying but just so you guys know that I'm not weird and I'm still funny,  I'll share with you what I did. I put a bunch of music on a CD with Church Music and wrote on it ¨Juan Dirección ¨ and we gave it out to people in the street. ¨Saying Free CDs for Juan Dirección!¨ I'm hoping to draw someone to the church with that. We wrote our address on the back of all of the covers and our number... No one has called us yet... :( That's just to show you how much people intended on listening us this week.

This week we had our interviews with the mission president. We ended up talking for like 25 minutes about Eternal Marriage. It was a good learning experience. President Wagoner is a Man of God. There is no other way I can describe him and Hermana Wagoner is super honrey with all of the missionaries. She not the type of person who is going to kiss your boo boo better. So basically, shes like mom so we get along great!  haha. I called her when I had to buy medicine for an allergy I got on my arm and the first thing she said was, "Well Elder Have you rubbed some dirt on it?"( haha) I don't think she was kidding, if you want the honest truth.
Well that's about it this week, everything is going well, still alive. We had to buy Raid to kill all of the Bed bugs that have been eating us alive in the night time for the past week but besides that I'm all healthy.
I pray for you guys every day
Elder Evans

P.S. Landree soccer is a good choice :)
Kade, that happened to me my sophmore year too.
Rylee, just get married before I get home, I hate weddings.
Mom, Love you :)
Dad, I know you still haven't cleaned the garage
Mr. Elliot, I'm thinking about you buddy :)

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