Come Follow Me

Come Follow Me
"And he saith unto them, "Come and follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." (Matt. 4:19) As the New Year begins, we, the members of the Willow Wood Ward, invite you to Come and Follow Him!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Elder McCade Tracy

It doesn't seem like it was a week ago! Every day, no matter what we do goes by in just a couple hours and it always makes the weeks go by that much faster. This week has been super AWESOME! The clothes fit better than they used to, but they're still a little too big. My suit jacket is perfect, but could it be possible to trade in the suit pants for a smaller size? Because they balloon out around my pockets and it doesn't look good with the smaller suit jacket. I'll send back my black suit in a couple weeks or so after you find out more with Men's Warehouse if it's possible to trade them in for a smaller size, and this is all explained in a little video tour of the apartment that I did last night :)
Neither Felicia or Kelly came to church, and neither of the families are progressing at this point. Which sucks, because we thought they were super solid and ready to commit to come to church and read the book of Mormon.
Last Saturday we got a referral for a lady who had a member friend and she wanted to learn more, so she gave the missionaries a call! We met her on Monday, her name is Lakeshia Johnson and she has a 10 year old daughter who is also very interested, we've only met with them twice and had them attend church yesterday and they're preparing for a baptism on June 8! So just before transfers, and I'm super excited for them because I know that they'll be super strong members once they're baptized. Tuesday was actually pretty busy but was a good day to bike in 100% of humidity :) we got to see a lot of good people, but it was a little disappointing having some people who we thought were so solid not remember their appointments with us but oh well that's how it goes sometimes. Wednesday we were on exchanges and I was with a Spanish Elder who has only been out in the field for a couple weeks, but everything went pretty awesome with that and I learned a lot from that experience. Thursday, wasn't very productive because of meetings and weekly planning but it was still pretty good for the time that we had. Friday, again not very productive with appointments but we did get a lot of things done that day. Saturday, we mowed the lawn that morning and we tried to go see Lakeshia in the afternoon but she wasn't home so we went up to Sister Fitzpatricks for a couple hours to work on the wall and we're almost done with those two drawings now, as we were seeing a less active member, that night, Lakeshia actually called us and wanted us to come see her as soon as we could because she wasn't home earlier that day and we had a super spiritual lesson with her and her daughter, who understood a lot of what we talked about! Yesterday, Elder Bolliger, Elder Carson and I had the opportunity to speak in Sacrament meeting and in all three we let the members know that we can only do so much as missionaries and that it is up to them to help the recent converts stay active in the Church. It was pretty awesome, and we had Felton, Lakeshia and Shakayla to church and they all enjoyed it especially with the pot luck that they do every month :)
High- Finding Lakeshia and her daughter, it really helped our week start off on a really good note. Hope it continues for the rest of my mission.
Low- While we were on exchanges, we went to an apartment complex to find some Hispanics for the Spanish Elders to teach them soon. We happen to come across quite a few apartments of families from Nepal, and one invited us in and we began to talk about The Book of Mormon and how it came about. They thought it was amazing that Christ actually came and appeared in the Americas, because they never knew it and we asked them to read The Book of Mormon and they said they would and discuss it as well. After we said the closing prayer, because one of them had to leave, this man walks in the door and he looked like a preacher from how he was dressed. We introduced ourselves and asked him how he was doing, he then read our name tags and immediately lost his smile and became very set in his ways, he then started to tell the family that we don't believe in the same Jesus that they do and that we don't believe in the Bible..... We tried to reason with him and let him know the truth, but he then told us "I don't want to get into it with you guys here, and I hope you guys find the truth and I'll be praying that you young men will find the truth!" Neither of us said anything and we walked out the door, soon after he walked out and headed towards the dumpster and tossed the Book of Mormon that we just gave them into the trash, it was a good thing that we were so far away from him otherwise I would have snapped and begun to bash with him for a couple minutes, but it was the best and worst lesson so far in my mission.
I'll send you more pictures soon.
Just Lakeshia and her daughter this week.
Sounds like everything is going really well at home, and everyone is staying busy. I can't wait to read all your letters and see the progress that all y'all are making each and every day as it gets closer to summer and the end of school!

Love y'all and miss you like crazy!
Love your Son and Missionary,
Elder McCade Tracy

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