Come Follow Me

Come Follow Me
"And he saith unto them, "Come and follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." (Matt. 4:19) As the New Year begins, we, the members of the Willow Wood Ward, invite you to Come and Follow Him!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Elder Zach Benard

(5/14/13 marks the 6 month mark! Here are some excerpts from Corvallis, where he Currently serves. Transfers are 5/20/13 but we anticipate him staying there. Thanks for your support of the missionaries. As parents, we love love the growth that occurs and know it helps having great ward members supporting and praying for them. Thanks so much!) 

Hey Everyone!!! Some Great news!! This guy named Dustin wants to get baptized and he's getting baptized this Saturday. We also just set a date with a lady we ran into last...Friday I think, and she wants to be baptized on May 4th!!! Her name is Mickey, like the mouse. :) We have only taught her the 1st lesson but they are both really cool solid people and they are just really awesome!! This week has been great, even though we just haven't had that many people come through for us. The lessons have been really good, me an E. Phair started watching Mormon Messages before we go to sleep so that we know what they are, and then we know what ones we can use in a lesson. My favorite (and the one that has helped a lot of people) is “Men's Hearts Shall Fail Them”, with Elder Nelson. I mean if nothing else the person will feel the spirit that's for sure. I loved this exchange we just did with the Spanish Elders, cause they have language studies...obviously, I'm not learning another language, so I studied for the normal hour and then got to continue reading the scriptures for an extra hour. Those that really know me, know that I hate reading and know that I didn't read at all before my mission, but that 2 hours of reading the scriptures was so awesome!! I would recommend reading the Joseph Smith History, if you get the chance, cause that's really cool and shows a lot about his experiences and such. We just had an amazing baptism the 27th and we have 2 more on May 11th with a really solid golden investigator who is pretty much a member. The baptism was Dustin, he's a really cool guy. He moved in about a month ago and we've only been teaching him for about 3ish weeks and now he's baptized!! He and his wife Adria are really funny and cool people they are always saying weird stuff like "so the quorum of the twelve is kinda like the fellowship of the ring but without the ring." Then, baptism for the dead, "so you dig up dead people and baptize them then put them back in their grave?" They are just really funny people. Mickey is awesome! She postponed her baptism date from May 4th to May 11th so that her 10 yr old daughter could be baptized with her as well and she also cut down on smoking a lot. On Sunday she didn't smoke at all!! Blessings and prayer really do work and whoever says that they don't...well they just need to look at her and my other companion who taught someone that was smoking 5 packs a day and received a blessing and quit the next day. A great story about Mickey; she said that she wanted to come to church and that the 3 hours of church was amazing and that's how it should be cause you can learn more from that. She also read the BofM and cross referenced that with the Bible Saturday night, and she came to church Sunday and loved it! That's also when we set the date with her and had our first lesson. Mickey and Rose were baptized on May 11th. When Mickey was getting baptized they got in the position and everything and then she started to go under like she was getting baptized and E. Phair was like, “wait nooo no no no I have to say the prayer first.” And Mickey was like, “oh oops just got all excited.” It was pretty funny. When I baptized Rose, after I said the prayer and baptized her, she pretty much ran out of the font, so if I messed up or she didn't go all the under....we ain't getting her back in there, ;) even though she wants to be baptized every year cause she thinks it would be fun. It was awesome having them receive the Holy Ghost on Mothers Day, that was our Mothers Day gift to them and they loved it and hey, it lasts forever as long as we are worthy and it didn't cost anything so that was also a bonus.

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