Come Follow Me

Come Follow Me
"And he saith unto them, "Come and follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." (Matt. 4:19) As the New Year begins, we, the members of the Willow Wood Ward, invite you to Come and Follow Him!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sister Sydney Burningham

                                  Tennessee is seriously beautiful, this is on a river near where we live.

Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 8:59 AM

Dance Dimensions.

Hello from Knoxville!

Well, everyone, it's happened, transfers are over and I am not in my last transfer as a full time missionary, strange the way time just flies, okay I know I say that every single time I email so I won't spend much time on that.  Still runnin' on 6 week time periods over here, and we are loving our West Hills area.  I probably talked about this last week but Sister Sume left us and was transferred to Greenville, Tennessee and she will love it, her new companion is simply wonderful as well. 

                                 This is Sister Sume and I on our last day together, she's a hero.

Sister Roundy and I came back to the area and decided to rearrange everything in our apartment so nothing reminded us of her and we could just have a fresh new start.  It always works out, Sister Roundy is great!  She has been out for about 10 months and definitely is diligent and knows what she is doing.  We have a lot of fun and are really starting to build relationships with the West Hills ward, it's a big ward and I still don't know everyone after three months but we're workin' on it.  Haha.

Okay first of all I just have to tell you we went to the transfer meeting on June 18th and we saw the Kronick family!  Oh my goodness can't even express to you my joy in seeing them and being able to catch up and everything, they mean so much to me I cannot even express it.  They are doing wonderful and they inspire me in so many ways.  That was definitely a highlight and gave me some hope and happiness, they mean the world to me, It's that Christlike love I always talk about that you can feel for people, it overwhelms me at times because I just love people so much it hurts.  But anyway, Tennessee is HOT and HUMID but I'm loving it and we see miracles everyday, I will tell you about one such miracle.

So, we went to this members home for dinner, she is a single lady about probably.. in her 30's and she dances at this place doing ballroom dancing, she has two instructors who are some of her good friends, they ask her SO many questions about the church and the standards, one of them actually just saw the Book of Mormon musical in Louisville Kentucky and is obsessed with Mormon's now, wears a shirt around that has "MORMON" in huge letters across the front, so she asked us if Friday night we would come talk to them about our church, we were so excited and went to see them!  We were introduced and they had SO many questions, it was amazing to see that even though the musical isn't exactly the best representation of the church that they were curious and wanted to know more because of it.  As we were talking, this boy was there as well just listening in, he asked a question here and there, but then as we were leaving he asked us if he could talk to us outside for a minute.  So sincerely, he told us he really felt like us coming was a sign from God and that he isn't really religious but throughout his life he has seen members of the church live and be changed because of what they believe and he said he wants to be a part of it, it was so incredible, that maybe we weren't there for her friends but this boy was there and he wants to change his life, the Lord led us to him, he is Young Single Adult (YSA) age so the assistants will teach him and we are excited to see how he progresses.  Someone else was prepared and the Lord knows and loves his children and when they are seeking he will lead them to the truth.

Everytime I study the scriptures and learn more about God's plan for us I am amazed at how simple it is.  There is quote I found by Henry B. Eyring he says: "Heavenly Father has made each of us unique.  No two of us have exactly the same experiences... whatever will be our experiences, there is but one plan of happiness.  That plan is to follow all the commandments of God." 

I know that by being submissive and humble and just trying our best to keep the commandments, that's how we gain a testimony of them, we have to do before we can receive a witness of the truthfulness of the things we do, the people we teach have to first read the Book of Mormon, then ponder it's message and teachings, after which they can go to the source of all truth, Heavenly Father, to ask him in sincere prayer about the truth, it works, it always works, but we have to put forth some effort before he can come and help us.  I love this work, I love how simple the Gospel is and that it can bring anyone true and lasting happiness, the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real, anyone can change.  

Thank you for the love and prayers, I am excited for the transfer ahead, love you all until next week.

Sister Burningham.

So there is this woman in the ward who does professional photography and so she took pictures of us for the bulletin board in the church, we have a missionary, get to know us bulletin board, it was a lot of fun!

                              Get it? Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Hahahahaha, oh the South.

                                                                               Just admiring Tennessee on our hike.

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