Come Follow Me

Come Follow Me
"And he saith unto them, "Come and follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." (Matt. 4:19) As the New Year begins, we, the members of the Willow Wood Ward, invite you to Come and Follow Him!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Elder Zach Beckman

                        Elder Beckman at the Assistants Exchange with Cincinnati city lights!!

Mon, 10 Nov 2014 13:28

Elder Beckman

Hey everyone!!! so this week was pretty crazy with so much going on so I will tell ya a few stories that happened this week and then I will let you all get back to living your lives!!

So to start off this week, we had an awesome zone meeting and I gave a training about goals and accountability! It was awesome because I think that is one of the biggest lessons I have learned on my mission, and I am going to use it for the rest of my life!!  But it was awesome because Elder Seegmiller and Elder Bloxham and their zone were in our same building because we had to give a stake wide training to all the missionaries about teaching the Doctrine Of Christ to all the members of the stake!  So that was so much fun being with all of them and having a great time!  And of course, we took a ton of pictures which I will send later on...

Elder Beckman and the missionaries at the Stake wide Training

So next story was a service project that we got sucked into by this old guy in our ward... it sucked ha ha ha!!  So normally I love service, but I honestly hate it when people are unprepared, and they just want us to do all of their house chores!!  So, yes, we get to this guys house and he said it was going to only take like 30 mins, but we were there like 2.5 hours, and it was just all house chores and ahh I was so mad but it's ok because I think I will survive!

Next story was a Sweet exchange with Elder Stoddard (Assistant)!!  It was so much fun!!  He is such a sick missionary!  I learned a lot from him, and we just had an awesome time doing work in Western Hills, Ohio!  But it was sweet because he is super good at talking to people, so we seriously talked to so many people that day!!  It was awesome!  But that night we stayed there!!  It was sweet!!  It was the 4 of us and then another zone leader set was there also, so it was a 6 pad for the night!  So much fun ha ha ha!!  But the next day for dinner, me and Elder Stoddard went to Wing Stop and got some wings for dinner, and we both got the atomic wings (hottest kind they have) and it was so funny!!  I have it all on video of us eating them!  And then to end off the night, they took us up to this sick view of Cincinnati, and we got to see this awesome view of it!  But I love exchanges so much!!  It really makes missionary work so much fun!

Well that's about it for you all this week!  I am super happy being out here on my mission, and I love it so much! I just want you all to know that I miss you and love you all!

Elder Beckman

Mon, 3 Nov 2014 13:34

Elder Beckman

Hey everyone How is life going for you all?? Well, life for me is fantastic!! Today is going to be a quick email so hopefully you all find something out of this that will benefit your life in some way or another!

So this week was pretty fun!!  I went on an Exchange with Elder Lemuiex and it was super fun!!  We went and did service for this ex-mission president who is so awesome!  We did about 2 hours of splitting wood for him, and just doing all this crazy yard work, because he lives on a huge property!!  But it was a lot of fun!!  Me and Elder Lemuiex went and bought some yoga pants to keep warm while doing service ha ha!!  It brought back a lot of memories, because me and Elder Coughlan had some that we would wear when it was cold too!!  But it was a lot of fun!  Anyway, back to the story!  We went to his house and we did all that work, then he wanted to have a companionship study with us and it was awesome!!  We studied about planning and goal setting and it was really just awesome!!  He also talked to us about accountability, all out of "Preach my Gospel," but it was pretty awesome!!  We went into a pretty deep study about planning,out of Abraham 4, and ya, it was just a great talk! But it was awesome!!  He made us a very cool promise, and he said that if we would apply the things from these sections in our life... we would make a million more dollars in our career than if we would have just forgot about them!  So that was a pretty awesome thing to hear!!  The spirit just filled the room to where you knew it was true!

This last week we taught a lady named, larain, and it was so cool because we wanted her to commit to baptism, but we didn't set a date!!  All we wanted was a commitment, but it was cool because we didn't teach a lesson about baptism!  We planned an awesome lesson on recognizing the spirit, and so we taught about faith and works and what we do when we feel the spirit, and seriously it was one of the most powerful lessons I have ever taught on my mission!  So it was amazing!!  At the end of it, I asked her what were some of the things she learned, and she answered something pretty amazing!.... She said, "Well I learned I need to start coming to church and get baptized!"  I asked her how she learned that, because we didn't even talk about those things... and she said she didn't know, all she knows is that she feels like that is what she needs to do!  We then continued to tell her how that was the spirit teaching her what she needs to do!  It was an amazing lesson and I learned that when you really let the spirit do the teaching, it will be more effective than what ever you do by yourself! 

Well that is about it for this week!  I love it here in Ohio and I hope to stay here till the end of the year, but we will see!!

~Keep Smiling~

Elder Beckman

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