Come Follow Me

Come Follow Me
"And he saith unto them, "Come and follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." (Matt. 4:19) As the New Year begins, we, the members of the Willow Wood Ward, invite you to Come and Follow Him!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Elder Colton Price

Wasn't conference just the best thing ever!!?!?!? I thought it was the fastest most spiritual ten hours of my life! I also can't believe that it was my third conference...I only have one more left. It was my companions last conference. He took the end of it pretty solemnly.

If you haven't listened to it I have to say the I absolutely loved Elder Oaks in Priesthood session, that was powerful! I also loved Elder Bednar's talk about the need for a heavy load. I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in trying to get rid of the load that we have that we miss the opportunity to grow that a load gives us. One thing tht really stuck out to me was the need to put a purpose in our load.
Did you notice how many people threw down over the pulpit? It reminded me of the verse in 2 Nephi 9:48. It sound like as a covenant people we are not so holy right now.  I am grateful that we have the Atonement.

Last night we went over to the Taylor's for dinner and you'll never guess what she made us...she made us ribs!! they were the best ribs that I have had in 18 months! It was pretty much the ultimate ending to a "super-bowl" weekend.

Holy cow mom, you sound like a work/school junkie! Are you doing ok with all of that busyness?
I am so glad that your phone is getting all of the pictures that are being sent your way! It is the best way I could think of to try to keep you involved with the day to day things of what I do :) unfortunately I haven't been able to get any pictures when I am being chased by a dog, or when shirtless men answer the door, or when I am totally a muddy mess after playing ultimate frisbee with the zone :) all of these memories and more I will have to invent a machine that will pull the memories out of my head, kinda like on Meet the Robinsons.
I am so glad that you learned me how to cook, Elder Berman and I eat like kings all the time and we haven't had fast food in 3 months. Ka-chow!! You rock mom, I love you :)

Melanie, I am so glad that you are in tune with the spirit. You are such an amazing young woman! I don't think I really paid attention to conference like you do until my mission. You should totally send me your cell phone number (because I never memorized it) so I can send you texts too!! You are totally going to love your mission if you decide to go on one. There is nothing quite like it. Thank you for calling me handsome...even if I still have a baby face and can not grow any more facial hair than when I left. ps do you realize that I have been gone for almost a year and a half...time flies on wings of lightning. :) I love you

Hello my good man,
So dad, I haven't seen any pictures as a result of your camping trip...we must rectify that situation immediately :) I couldn't help thinking about you while I was sitting in Priesthood session. It will be good to be with you again in a year.  I hope you know what a profound impact you have had on me. Thank you for helping me develop a strong work ethic, I am truly seeing the blessings of it now :)
I love you man, more than you know.

I love all of you so much. Thank you for helping me gain a strong testimony of the gospel. I absolutely LOVE THIS GOSPEL. I know it to be true.

Elder Colton Price

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