Come Follow Me

Come Follow Me
"And he saith unto them, "Come and follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." (Matt. 4:19) As the New Year begins, we, the members of the Willow Wood Ward, invite you to Come and Follow Him!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Elder Zach Beckman

Mon, 31 Mar 2014 12:42  Another Transfer in Fairfield!

Hey everyone well transfers are tomorrow and I am staying with Elder Coughlan for another transfer!!! It is sweet!!! I am excited!!! I really like Elder Coughlan, it will be sweet!!! I am stoked! but ya it will be way fun because the Spanish elders that live down the street are still staying in this area so it will be fun hanging out with them on P-days still!

Well this week was pretty fun, I threw up like 8 times this week!! I don't even know why it was just rough... I couldn't hold anything down.  So I basically would just throw up after every meal I ate! But it was funny, one day after I had thrown up like 3 times, I was like, "Man I'm starving we need to go out to eat"... so we went to Taco Bell and I ordered like 10 bucks worth of food and Coughlan turns to me and asks why I'm getting food when I'm just going to throw it up? But that didn't stop me!   I was dying so I got my TBell and what do you know after we get out of there, I threw up AGAIN!!! But ya this continued for like 4 days so it kind of sucked....

But this week was pretty cool!! We did a lot of fun things and we were able to do a lot of teaching!!! So we have the most diverse teaching pool ever!! ha ha  Just some of the people we teach are just so random!!  It is nuts!! but ya we met this African lady who has a really hard time with English so we have an African member come and help out with lessons and help with the language and stuff!!!  But her name is Agnes and she is sweet!  She should get baptized by the end of the month, but we will see!!  And then we met another kid this week named Devonte, and he is this black, 20 year-old, who lives in Section 8 housing and he has schizophrenia, but he is way sweet! Hopefully he will start to progress soon!! But ya and then we met another black lady named Tiyota!! ha ha ghetto black lady, but she is sweet and she wants to come to church next week, but I'm not so sure about her!! She could be a really solid investigator or just crazy!!! But I guess we will find out next week!!!  And the last person we found this week... well we didn't really find him, but we are going to baptize him, is a kid named Agustus Jr.  His family was baptized like 8 months ago and there is like 5 of them and this poor kid was the only one who wasn't baptized!! ha ha ha!! And he is turning 9 here shortly, but we are going to work with him and hopefully, by the end of the month, baptize him! But ya that is only a little bit of our pool!! But I will give you more up dates on them next week!!

Well this week we were able to play soccer with some kids from Nepal and from Ghana!!! That was way sweet!! We were out talking to people in this complex and a whole bunch of kids were playing and I was like, "Coughlan we are going to go play with them!" So we stopped what we were doing and we went and played with a bunch of kids for a while!  It was way fun and now they are going to come play at the church with us on Saturday nights in the Mexican Branch... it will be sweet!!! Because of the diverse neighborhood you can find, seriously, any race you want!! But ya!! these kids are funny!! We were talking to them and I asked one of the kids from Nepal where their dad worked at, and stuff like that and he told me that his dad owned one of the Gas stations down the street and i just looked at Coughlan and smiled so big it was funny!! But they are a way sweet family!!  They talked to us and they are cool with their kids coming and playing with us!!! But ya! that was a fun Adventure for the week!

Well this week we were also able to do a bunch of service!! We got to go clean out this one guys garage in the ward and just do a bunch of random stuff for him, but I didn't know that his garage was a wood shop, so it took us like 2 hours to clean!! So that was fun!! They fed us lunch and stuff like that!! So it was a fun week all together with the puking everywhere and fun stuff like that!

But ya it was good talking to you all today hope your all having fun doing what ever it is that you do!! 
Love YA!!

       Elder Beckman and other missionaries on P-day
Elder Beckman with micronesian friend, Sam, and other missionaries on P-day
Elder Beckman

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