Come Follow Me

Come Follow Me
"And he saith unto them, "Come and follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." (Matt. 4:19) As the New Year begins, we, the members of the Willow Wood Ward, invite you to Come and Follow Him!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Elder Seth Garner

I hope you are ready for this email, because it is 
going to blow your mind... Alright, well, maybe not, BUT! Some pretty cool stuff happened this past week! I see blessings and miracles non stop! Not a day goes by where that isn't expected. So, a few weeks ago, we were eating at a Mexican restaurant, and a bunch of these girls came up to us and asked us if we could talk to them when we were done eating. Not everyday to people approach the white shirt and tie! It must have been my companion's stunning good looks! Turns out that these girls were from a Christian Academy school and were in a world religions class where they had recently learned about "Mormonism". We answered their questions (most of them were anti junk their teacher had fed them), gave them our information, and that was that. Last week we got a call from the Christian Academy world religions teacher asking us if we could come to the school to answer questions that the students had.... FLIP YES WE CAN! Trust me, I am completely against bible bashing... It leads to nothing. But this was our chance to clear up confusion about the church and bear our testimonies to a good amount of people. We went in the Christian Academy yesterday and went to three different world religions classes to answer questions. Thank goodness for my knowledge of the scriptures and the power of the Spirit! Out of the 100 people we taught at the school yesterday, between questions about polygamy, blacks and the priesthood, "becoming Gods", and "holy underwear", there was not one question or concern we were not able to answer. I am so glad that I have been able to study the scriptures and grow my knowledge of the gospel EVERY DAY (with the exception of those days where there is just no time, being busy with taking care of missionaries and other responsibilities). And boy, am I glad that our church is true and that we have the Spirit to testify of that! The main purpose for us going there, as the teacher put it, was to get the students to be comfortable and confident with asking questions to people not of their own faith, so that they could defend theirs. I don't know if we helped out in that aspect, but we sure did help leave an impression on each of those students. Each one of them now has our information so that they can contact us to learn more. Now, whether or not one of them will eventually call us, I do not know. But I do know we planted a TRUCK LOAD of seeds yesterday! Haha, and I had tons of fun doing it! There is a nice little saying that floats around as a missionary... "We don't bash, we don't bash, we don't bash. But when we do, we win." There were a few students that you could tell were trying to "bash", but, there were many who you could tell were actually very curious about the truth. There was certainly more "searching" than "bashing". We were so blessed to have that opportunity fall in our laps.
I love being a missionary... I don't think I will ever have an opportunity quite like this again. I will always be sharing the gospel and sharing my testimony, but doing it all day, everyday, is one of the greatest blessings I have ever had. No wonder God is working through the prophet and apostles trying to get members of the church to share the gospel; it brings some of the greatest joys you could ever have in this life!
         Elder Garner
Pictures) Pelican @ La Jolla Cove and Zone Conference, SD North Zone

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