Come Follow Me

Come Follow Me
"And he saith unto them, "Come and follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." (Matt. 4:19) As the New Year begins, we, the members of the Willow Wood Ward, invite you to Come and Follow Him!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Elder Dallin Stout

Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 12:52 PM

My companion has this alarm clock that is called wacky wake up from Timex and every morning it goes off differently. This guy with some kind of accent will repeat an annoying phrase to wake you up. The personalities and accents differ every morning it can be an Indian, New York, lawyer, cowboy, happy weird morning person, ext. sometimes my companion takes a few minutes to wake up so it goes off forever! Anyway here is what our week was like.
     We did a tie trade with the 1st ward and I got some awesome ties.
     The Gredings took us to the LA temple in the morning. We showed up late to their house and got to the temple at 9:30 which is when they thought the session started. It actually started 15 min before we got there so we would have missed it anyway. We did family sealings instead for a few hours. The temple there is beautiful and is the 2nd largest, Salt Lake being the biggest. We later took 2 priests out with us to lessons that both fell through. So we met a friend of theirs and talked with her for a while. Hopefully we can start to teach her. 
     We had a lesson with Madelene and set her with a baptism date for the 3rd of may
     We took a priest out to see a less active member. He couldn't talk with us then but set up a time for next week. The Anderson's had us over for dinner, their son Kyle has a Chinese yo yo that he is teaching me how to use which is really cool.
     After our weekly planning session we took our last can of silly string and attacked the 2nd ward elders in their apartment. I have it recorded on camera, my companion sprayed around their front door as they tried to close it on us and sprayed Elder Spencer right in the face! He had glasses on so he had the raccoon look when he took them off!
     We participated in Mormon helping hands by planting trees with our ward and also the 1st ward Elders. Later in the day we went to see Kirk but he wasn't home. So we have a Zone goal to "preach in every place" so before we can get back in the car we have to talk to someone. We walked all over the neighborhood to get to Ron but when we got there he was busy and couldn't talk. Fortunately on the way we met some people on the street. We also walked past the Gould's house, when Bro Gould saw us and came out to ask us to help him move his couch. We helped him lift it out the window onto his front lawn. We had a short lesson with Puru and Preeti. They bought a car so now they can come to church themselves and do stuff together as a family. The ward members are inviting them over for dinner. But they buy ingredients for Indian food and ask Preeti to come make it for them in their home. The ward is doing a great job at taking them in and fellowshipping them. Micheal Morgan (a priest and ward missionary) opened his call and is going to Argentina!
Madelene, Puru and Preeti came to church! Millie didn't come because she hasn't been feeling well. So we dropped by to see her and talked for a bit. She has had lots of anxiety partially because of her Parkinsons and baptism. She still wants to see us, she just needs to progress at her own pace.

Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 1:23 PM

This week was awesome! I learned a lot of applicable lessons and principles. Here is what our week was like.
     We took a priest with us to our first lesson with Manny Ramirez. We got to know him better and more of his religious background. He is a great guy, we scheduled to meet with him again. Millie told us she wants to have a month to think about baptism. Her friends and neighbors have given her anti Mormon stuff so she is very confused about what to do.
     We had a lesson with the Vudmaskas and started reading from the beginning of the BOM. Madelene took us out to dinner at Red Lobster! She is awesome we need to figure out a date for her baptism still.
     We taught Lito about the law of Chastity and the priesthood. We plan on watching a conference talk with him.
     Sister Morgan called and requested service from us. We went and planted 7 plants in her front and back yards. We also  moved some furniture to her front curb for people to take. Afterwards she gave us an Easter basket and gift cards! My companion knows sign language and has been teaching members how to sign "I want to follow Jesus Christ" for our dinner messages.
     We had a mission conference in Ventura and 3 general authorities were there with their wives. They were Elder Garnes, Elder Bowen and Elder Russel M. Nelson! The entire mission got to shake hands with them, it was awesome to meet one of the 12 apostles! He smiled at me and said "its nice to meet you Elder Stout". He was genuine, you could tell it was more than just a half hour of shaking hands with missionaries. I took lots of notes on the meeting and learned lots of good stuff. Elder Nelson let us ask him questions on the spot and he would answer all of them without difficulty using the scriptures to teach us and validate what he said. He is an inspired servant of the Lord, we were able to speak with him personally and see him not just as the man we get to see talk to us every so often. But as a loving servant who left an apostolic blessing upon us.
     For Easter we had lunch and decided while we were cooking fries in vegetable oil to deep fry a peep... Well I have it recorded on my camera and the little rabbit marshmallow completely melted into the oil and released smoke into the whole apartment. So I now know that deep fried peeps are not a good idea. We had dinner with the Anderson's and afterwards watched the new movie on "Because of him". Everyone shared personally how Jesus Christ has made their lives hopeful and a blessing. We took a plate of food to an older lady in the ward and talked with her a while to wish her a happy Easter.
     Elder Nelson also told us that the movie "Because of him" has been viewed by over 2 million people! He also said in the U.S. the state with the most views is California! It is a great Easter message and I recommend you all see it. you can find it at
Elder Stout

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