Come Follow Me

Come Follow Me
"And he saith unto them, "Come and follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." (Matt. 4:19) As the New Year begins, we, the members of the Willow Wood Ward, invite you to Come and Follow Him!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Elder Riley Harris

Here is the latest from Riley.  He is doing well.  He is getting ready for another transfer this week.  He is not sure if he will be moving or staying in the same area.  As you can see, he has been engaged in quite a bit of service, some not so fun, but it seems like they mixed their own bit of fun in with it to make some good memories.  

We are proud of him and can't wait to see him soon, but if he needs to be away from home, we wouldn't want him anywhere else.

Nov. 18, 2013

I can't say it's been a slow week here. It's defiantly been interesting and at times trying but it hasn't been slow. We've meet these two kids who live in our apartment complex. They play basketball with us and we teach them while we play, and we teach them after we play. It's really cool too work with them. They aren't the best at basketball but they are still fun too play with. We also got to listen too them play some music. Justin play's the guitar and Tyler plays the Djembe, African drum. I got to play on it for a second which was awesome! I'll have too put the video on icloud too show you these two playing.

We haven't spent as much time at the jet pep so we haven't really talked too Gus this past week. It's sad but we just aren't sure how too move forward with him. We'll figure it out though. Our big goal with him right now is too see if we can't meet him somewhere before he goes too work. Teaching him at work is good but it's not the best. There is always interruptions while we teach because people needing gas... Lame!

Nov 11, 2013

This week was pretty fun. We did a lot of service for people which is always nice. Some of the service though.... I'm sure you could tell from the pictures that we had a hoarder. It was sooo nasty! I couldn't believe the smell. It smelled like urine and mold. We had too pull out clothes that had been sitting there for who knows how long, wet boxes filled with junk, and empty dog food bags. That project took two days to finish. That was even with us leaving early for other things. We also killed some rats. It was pretty funny watching that though. Elder West found all of them. He ran away screaming; Elder Price was jumping, screaming, and trying too get the rat; Elder Orme and I were screamin but actually chasing the rat. We looked like a bunch of idiots but it was fun.

We also got too give blood this week! That was fun since I didn't get to go back home. We helped a kid with his eagle project by giving blood. It wiped us out though. It was totally worth it.

So this week has been another abnormal week. We still haven't gotten much done due too what all is going on. We had Stake conference yesterday and Saturday which was awesome! I'll have to find my notes and share with ya'll what I learned. I think that the best experience though was that I got to see a lot of the members from the Scottsboro and Fort Payne branches there. The best though was that I saw the Saucier family. They were less active when I got too Scottsboro. We found them by randomly tracting a richer neighborhood that we never would have tracted. Sis Saucier answered and we were excited that we'd found a member. Well anyway after I left and came back we started really working with them and tried everything we could think of to try and get them back too church. Then I left and hadn't heard much from them at all. Well yesterday I saw them and Sis Saucier came up to me. She said I don't care if you don't baptize anyone on your mission, and you shouldn't either, because you got us back into church. That just made my whole day! I really did learn that no effort is wasted when it comes too working with people. You are making a difference every day with those around you. You just need too show them the love that Christ has for them! While you do that you will gain that love for them as well!
So now that we had that story here's one from today. Elder Price and Orme wanted to go fishing this morning but Elder West didn't. Since both Price and Orme have poles, I decided to stay with West and talk to him a bit, get to know him kind of thing. So we went to the golden arches and got some breakfast with the gift card Grandma and Grandpa sent me. Well, while we were there we talked, had a good heart to heart and then drove back. We found Elders Price and Orme sitting on the curb. Turns out they had been caught fishing without licenses and kicked out of the park. If we had gone with them we would have been in trouble too. It's funny how things work out! Well now we get too go to the DWR and have them sign some papers. It's pretty funny.


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