Come Follow Me

Come Follow Me
"And he saith unto them, "Come and follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." (Matt. 4:19) As the New Year begins, we, the members of the Willow Wood Ward, invite you to Come and Follow Him!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Elder Zach Beckman

Well not much is happening this week... transfers are tomorrow but I am staying here... AGAIN!!! Whooohoo!!!! BUT.... President did call us this morning asking me if I would go District Leader!!!! I said yes of course and he told us to keep it up and that we were doing awesome!! So this morning was pretty good ha ha me and Elder Seegmiller were so scared he was gonna transfer one of us! Ahh I was dying but now im so glad I get to spend Christmas here with him it's gonna be great!!
Well this week has been very hard on us... we are facing so much opposition its crazy! I swear Satan is working harder than ever on our investigators, it is so crazy. We have had one girl that was schedualed for baptism drop us for no apparant reason and now Janet isn't sure if she wants to see us again, and holy cow, it is just nuts how many problems we are facing!!! But just yesterday we were supposed to have Cinderella and a girl named Amanda at church and I swear everything that could go wrong went wrong... we had arranged for a family to pick Amanda up and their car died... so we left sacrament meeting to jump their car and have them pick her up and then the north side elders investigators car died also, so man that sucked and then on top of that Cinderella got sick the morning of church and AHH!!! holy cow it has been like this all week!
Now for a more positive note... we got a call from a former investigator yesterday named Kelly... he calls us up saying that his friend is about to commit suicide and that we need to come over and give him a blessing. So we are freaking out and so me and Elder Smith and Bro. Thompson go over to their house during church to kind of talk him out of it. We get there and sure enough I know the person who is about to kill himself and so he was like ahh man I'm glad it's someone I know... and by the way this guys name is David, but ya anyway, so we sit down and start to kind of figure out what is going on and basically this guy has hit rock bottom... has nowhere to go and no where to live, no family and just as low as he can possibly be. So we start to figure out what he wants in life and he talked about his little girl "Ashlyn" so we started to tell him how this gospel can make him a better person and a better parent for his little girl and it was awesome and not to mention this guy is like 23 has been in and out of jail since he was 16 and just crazy.  So it was awesome to see him break down in tears and to talk to him about his life... we then gave Kelly a blessing and he invited us back over to his house on Thanksgiving to play Yahtzee with he and his wife ha ha ha ha and thats about all that has happened so far... so I will let you know what happens later on with this whole dealio....
Well another cool story this week is about a guy named Noah Baker, he is the bishops dad, and is 87.  Well we are very close with him and like to stop by and chat with him all the time... but Saturday morning around 4 oclock we get a call from him saying I need you to come give me a blessing ASAP! So we drive over there half asleep and this guy looks like he is going to die. I mean just aweful looking, and so we gave him a blessing and talked with him for a while and then left and told him we would be back around 11 to check up on him.  So we come back later that day and he is fast asleep and everything was fine!  It was soo cool to see how the priesthood can do such amazing things!!! and how the Lord really just uses us as instruments in his hands to perform miracles for others!!!  I LOVE MY MISSION!!
Well my week has been good, me and Elder Seegmiller are now setting up Christmas decorations for Christmas and have Christmas music so it is great!  I love being out here!  I know that this church is true or else I wouldn't be out here.  And I love being able to gain a stronger and stronger testimony of the Church each and every day,   It is awsome to always have the spirit with you and to know that you are doing what's right and being able to help people all the time!!
Until next week I will see you all lata!!!!
Elder Beckman

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