Come Follow Me

Come Follow Me
"And he saith unto them, "Come and follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." (Matt. 4:19) As the New Year begins, we, the members of the Willow Wood Ward, invite you to Come and Follow Him!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sister Syndey Burningham

This is my district leader, Elder Burnett.  He's from Idaho.  We're drinking hot chocolate at a members, Sister Steward, she's the bomb!

Hey Everyone!

First of all I just want to say Happy Christmas!  I hope your holiday season is filled with candy, eggnog, chocolate, fireplaces, and the spirit of Christ.  I seriously love being a mission during this season, it's been such a great experience to look outside of myself and just seek the service opportunities around us.  I'm grateful especially for the knowledge of the Savior, his birth, his ministry, and his atonement.  What a wonderful time of the year.  I just love it, that's all.

Before I get into the good stuff--did all of you know that Phil of Duck Dynasty got kicked off the show for sharing his feelings about the Bible and homosexuality?  Well he did and these people in the south are in an uproar about it.  It's probably the most hilarious thing I've ever seen.  Haha I mean these people are just beside themselves that this happened.  It's all they can talk about.  The good news is they all firmly believe the Bible and that Christ is their Savior and they really do defend Him.  There are so many good people down here regardless of the denomination they are; they love the Lord and it's inspiring to me.  I also feel like every time I try to just tell a funny story I just go right back into spiritual haha so sorry about that one.

I wanted to update you on a few of our people because I realized sometimes I don't actually update you on individual people.  So one really great thing is we've been working with this less-active named Nann.  Her son, Michael, is not a member and is going to be baptized now on January 25th!  I love it when people decide to be baptized to receive a remission of their sins and get on the path that leads back to our Father in Heaven.  He's awesome!  He needs to quit smoking, but he'll do it. Debbie in Kingsport did it, he can do it, anyone can do it!

One really amazing thing that happened as well is we've been working with Darla Lockett.  A Less-active member.  She has had a rough life.  She was diagnosed with cancer about fourteen years ago and she is terminal now.  The doctors told her she has six months to a year to live.  She isn't coming back to church and is going to be on hospice.  But the good news is that she requested a priesthood blessing from her home teacher, Brother Atkins.  He's only been a member for about three years.  They gave her a blessing and she was so comforted.  Her non-member roommate, Youlandah, was there and she requested one too.  She's been in a lot of pain and lost her job because she couldn't keep up and asked if God would help her to find help free of charge so she can get fixed up and get back to work.  Are you ready for the miracle?  The day after the blessing she got a call to come into the doctor.  So she went they did x-rays for free!! She didn't have to pay the co-pay.  Needless to say she believes the priesthood is a real thing and it was very faith promoting for her. 

I just have one really great quote I read this week:

"When we look beyond people's color, ethnic group, social circle, church, synagogue, mosque, creed, and statement of belief and when we try our best to see them for who and what they are- children of the same God- something good and worthwhile happens within us, and we are thereby drawn into a closer union with that God who is the father of us all."
-Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

It reminds me of a story in the bible in Luke Chapter 9 when Christ is talking to his disciples after he cast a devil out of someone and he says that the least among you shall be great and then he rebukes the disciples and he says  "Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us."  Something I learned this week is that we all have a story, we all come from different walks of life and we all have our beliefs and ideas about things.  Of us it is required to love all people.  No matter what.  I love my Savior and I love this time of year we have to remember our Savior's birth and to seek out opportunities to serve Heavenly Father's children all year long.

Have a very happy Christmas, and a great week I love you all!

Sister Burningham

This is Christmas corner in our apartment.  I drew a fireplace on the wall and there are some of our presents and a navtivity.  It's so fun, we love it in here.

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